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Why Do the Moon and the Sun Never Appear Together?

Narrative text Fairy Tale

Long, long ago, the Sun and the Moon lived happily together in the sky. They always appeared together during the day and night.
One day, the Sun shone brightly so that it almost burned the Moon. The sunlight hurt the Moon’s eyes very much. This made the Moon blind.
The Moon left the Sun although the Sun had apologized to the Moon.
The Sun loved the Moon very much, so he chased her. He chased and chased through the years and centuries but has never caught the Moon.
That’s why the Sun Shines during the day and at night the Moon appears. They will never reunite again.

Questions :
1.      What does the writer want related to the story above?
2.      Where is the Orientation, Complication,  and Resolution?
3.      Who are the characters in the story?
4.      When did the story happen?
5.      Where did the story take place?
6.      What is the moral value of the story?
Answer :

1.      To entertain the readers
2.      Orientation in Paragraph 1
Complication in Paragraph 2 and 4
Resolution in Paragraph 3 and 5
3.      The sun and the moon
4.      Long, long time ago
5.      In the sky
6.      Don’t hurt someone if you don’t want to be leaved


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